Smile New York City

Started a new personal photo project called “Smile New York City” Aims to show that New Yorkers Can Smile too!

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Now this is promising :)

Stumbled upon this on and I know they are legit 🙂 

They are giving away free Nikon d800 or Canon 5d mkIII. Your choice 🙂 

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DIY Photography Super Clamp Tutorial

For those with lazy bones, you can just go ahead and buy the Manfrotto Super Clamp or make a trip on your dad’s workshop or garage and you might actually save $26.99[B&H]

I really love making DIY stuffs and I felt that I should make something out of nothing today. So I made a visit to my dad’s workshop and see if there are stuffs there I could use. First thing I saw was this pressure clamp:

and thought I could make that DIY Super clamp I saw on this post

Materials you will be needing are:

1. Pressure Clamps – You can buy one at Home Depot, Lowes or to your local hardware stores. I checked Home Depot they have a similar item for about $5 – $8 depending on the size

2. 3/4 to 1 inch long 1/4 threaded screw

3. Nut and washers


1. Anything that can bore a hole on a plastic.

2. Screwdriver

3. Wrench or Pliers

The Process

Step 1: Make a hole on the near end of the clamp. For my project I just widen the hole that’s already there

Step 2: Insert the screw into the hole. The head should be inside the handle.

Step 3: Tighten the nut. Make sure it’s tight!

Step 4: Go ahead and attach your 1/4 threaded gears

Finished Product

Total cost: $0 Just because materials I used are readily available but, it would probably cost you about $5

Test and Final Notes

I recommend that you use this only for small and light flashes. You can clamp this on doors, cabinets, shelves, windows, or anyplace you can imagine(like the one below).

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Disclaimer: original idea from this post

You can always buy a already made clamp here

People Portraits: The Volunteer

I took this shot during the leap day of this year 2012. I was trying a different approach on doing streets photography. Before I was really afraid of approaching interesting people and taking their portraits, but now I tried to change the game and really get to know them and asking their permission to have their picture taken rather than trying to take their shots from afar.

The story of this man: He is a volunteer from some group and they try to solicit from people passing by the Promenade in Sta.Monica and tell the story about their group about supporting homeless people. I said I don’t have any change to spare but he didn’t feel bad so It means that they don’t really push people to give their money unlike some dudes who are really persistent. Instead, I’m the one who asked a favor to have his picture taken and he willingly did it for me. He even suggested how he would pose and give him a side profile. Too bad I forget to ask if he has any email address so I could send him his photo.

So that’s it, don’t be afraid to take some portraits of random people around. It’s better rather than taking or some would say stealing their photos because you shoot it when they were unaware. You would be surprise on some people on how would they have their picture taken.