DIY Photography Super Clamp Tutorial

For those with lazy bones, you can just go ahead and buy the Manfrotto Super Clamp or make a trip on your dad’s workshop or garage and you might actually save $26.99[B&H]

I really love making DIY stuffs and I felt that I should make something out of nothing today. So I made a visit to my dad’s workshop and see if there are stuffs there I could use. First thing I saw was this pressure clamp:

and thought I could make that DIY Super clamp I saw on this post

Materials you will be needing are:

1. Pressure Clamps – You can buy one at Home Depot, Lowes or to your local hardware stores. I checked Home Depot they have a similar item for about $5 – $8 depending on the size

2. 3/4 to 1 inch long 1/4 threaded screw

3. Nut and washers


1. Anything that can bore a hole on a plastic.

2. Screwdriver

3. Wrench or Pliers

The Process

Step 1: Make a hole on the near end of the clamp. For my project I just widen the hole that’s already there

Step 2: Insert the screw into the hole. The head should be inside the handle.

Step 3: Tighten the nut. Make sure it’s tight!

Step 4: Go ahead and attach your 1/4 threaded gears

Finished Product

Total cost: $0 Just because materials I used are readily available but, it would probably cost you about $5

Test and Final Notes

I recommend that you use this only for small and light flashes. You can clamp this on doors, cabinets, shelves, windows, or anyplace you can imagine(like the one below).

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Disclaimer: original idea from this post

You can always buy a already made clamp here


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    This is great. I will make one myself.

  2. I reblogged it. I hope you don`t mind it.

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